Our Vision


AusHealthDirect is an online clinical platform providing wide range of specialist medical services for adults and children at one location. This service is committed towards providing comprehensive Specialist Medical Expertise in both Medical and Surgical fields via telehealth to patients from not only rural and remote regions, but also metropolitan areas. This cost efficient system will help eliminate excessive travel time and also reduce the waiting time to see a specialist.

With AusHealthDirect, patients can now access treatment in the comfort of their home or alongside their treating General Practitioner, thus reducing not only travel time but also waiting time significantly. The use of telehealth helps in tailoring the treatment based on specific requirements which helps immensely in reducing the need for multiple visits to the specialist.

All the Specialists are world- class experts, with more than 10 years of expertise in their fields. Most of these Specialists have both public and private affiliations.


About Us

AusHealthDirect was founded by a team of doctors who were keen on bridging the gap of Specialist Health care between patients in Metropolitan and Rural and Remote country areas. The gap became more evident with emerging COVID19 pandemic, with restrictions in long distance travel and risk of infection with face to face interactions. The aim of this team and the growing numbers of specialists joining the group is to bring better treatment and care, expeditiously.

Evidence based, appropriate and timely Healthcare is every individual’s right and hence our goal is to utilize the existing technology via telehealth in bringing state of the art treatment to patients in distant communities. Patient in metropolitan areas are also able to access this service to save travel time, cost and lengthy waiting period, while also reducing risk of infection associated with exposure in public spaces.

Our Doctors